Jewelry fabrication has been an integral part of Kelly's life. She has carried it with her throughout her travels and incorporated her experiences into her work.  Hoping that they will spur a feeling or understanding from the one they adorn. Thus creating a bridge between the wearer and the maker.


Vancouver Island Art Workshops
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Coming this Fall
Oct  19 & 20
Fused Ring Workshop & Channel Set Rings
The intricate play of layered textures is what sets this intriguing fused ring project apart.  ​Students will spend the day slicing silver sheet into various strips and shapes that will then be fused to a base of sterling silver sheet.

​These strips will be woven together in different ways to give the effect of waves or ripples across the ocean. Kelly will then share the tricks of how to carefully form your pre-made sheets into a ring band or pendant with out having it break. Rings will be formed and bails will be added to pendants,
Next you'll learn a simplified approach to channel setting with this striking ring. 

​​Choose either a radiant cut or emerald cut faceted Cubic Zirconia.  This is a square or rectangle stone with the corners faceted off so no sharp points will break off during setting.  
Oct 26 & 27
Forged Hinged Cuff
This multi faceted cuff brings many new skills to a jeweller's tool belt.   You'll spend 2 days learning to forge bands, make clean, functioning hinges along with a new clasp style called the "omega clasp".

All aspects are designed to work together to create a dynamic cuff with a secure closure that fades into the design. This lends itself to a fluid statement piece, while remaining functional and secure.
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